How do you do this with your characters?

please help me:( x
story: Wardogs

layers, and overlays.

The dart and hand are overlays, and maybe the leg as well.

I kinda think that this is a art scene. hm.

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yep, this is a art scene.

ik they are overlay, but idk how to do it?? idk if that makes sense but i really wanna know.

It’s an art scene.

oh right, okay thank you.

I could create one for you if you’d like.

Really? thank you so much! x

Skin: Mocha
Eyebrows: Mature Round
Hair: Black, Beachwave
eyes: upturned feline, purple
face: oval
nose: elven
lips: classic, Scarlet.


Same as the one above, but two hands her head, and one eye shut. and no dart.

With a chair for her to sit on.

Background creds: thorne art studio.

Zone 1.
And any chair will do, but not a fancy one or anything.
Also no desk, the the legs can be like crossed but shes faces right?
if that makes sense?
Thank you sm <3
also instead of one eye shut can they just both be open?

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@prim.epy uh… thorne art studio doesn’t want her backgrounds to be redistributed, meaning shared or post in forums. So you can just message @granolias privately with the background.

sure, i’ll choose another one.

I didn’t mean to change the background, you can still use it as long as you don’t post it in forums., and give credit to thorne.

Oh right of course.

but if you want to change it, its fine. your choice. :wink: @prim.epy

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