How do you do transparent speech bubbles?

I’ve made a start on my story but not done a whole lot, due to being stuck on how to do the transparent speech bubble style.

I want the style like this

But I cannot find any tutorials online that has this or don’t help, I’ve even tried searching here and it didn’t work when I typed NARRATION.

So I’m absolutely stuck :(, I really need help on how to do this, be very grateful ~

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Just pick bubble type you want on your story page.

That speechbubble style is the purple style, as seen in Demi Lovato’s stories.

And to make it look like that, you’d just do:

Type in something here.

or just

Type in something here.

To get the name on the rectangle box like that, you actually use the Narrator box

For this case, the code would look like this:

Most awkward detention EVER!

Use it as if the Narrator is speaking, but put your character’s name in the parentheses to add their name to the top of the bubble.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help, I had to change the speech bubble to Demi Lovatos style to get the speech bubble style I wanted.

Thank you so much guys will get straight back to my story ^^ :purple_heart: