How do you earn Best Directing?

How does one win Best Directing for contests?
Are there any specific things an author can do to boost their chances of winning this?

In all the best - directing winner stories I’ve seen, the choices matter. 100% of the time. It may not look like it (or the ending might be the same) but the choices do make an impact. . .

(I’m trying to look for Queen Nee’s, winner of the the most recent contest’s account, to see her take on the question.)

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I don’t remember the story by Queen Nee having many choices. I stopped reading the story halfway through. I should reread it and check for choices.

I always thought it was the amazing use of overlays that appear to be like special effects. They seem to move or are animated in the background and go beyond the regular backgrounds and directing. Some of the stories that have won or got best directing awards I have heard used these type of overlays in their stories.

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I usually don’t read contest entries. I did read a bit of The Wizard’s Curse. I don’t remember it having crazy overlay effects ( I only read half of the way through. ) My phone is broken, so I can’t check or reread it right now. I should also review other winner stories.

Probably creative use of zooms, spot directing, and animations. Innovative use of overlays and backgrounds.
I don’t know if making choices matter and lots of branching are considered “directing” or not, but if they are, then that too.

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Yes I do remember some of the great overlay effects.

Yes that is what I was trying to get at, what you said. I would include that in my description of best directing too.

In my opinion, two stories which won the directing award which weren’t surprising (to me) were Shroud (for Haunted) and Adrenaline (for Dream Job).
Both those stories used overlays really well and also had a creative use of zooms, animations, backgrounds etc. They were both very impressive to watch.
I’m not sure if music plays a part as I don’t turn my sound up lol.


Shroud didn’t win ? Que? mind explodes

It did win :slight_smile:
Maybe I worded that wrong ahahhaa.

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ohhh rip I probably read it too fast. My bad !

Hey guys, Queen Neen here. I used advanced zooming, custom backgrounds and overlays, moving overlays, and I did have choices that matter. You gain bonus points from your choices for bonus scenes. I write my stories like a book which means I don’t over do my directing because to me, it’s more about the plot and the story. I average 50 hours per chapter and that’s with it already typed and written, that’s just for the coding. Hope this helps.


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