How do YOU feel about black clothing?

Being a reader, it is quite popular for the main characters or one of them at least (typically the male) to wear black often. Well, in the stories I read at least. So my question is how do you guys feel about it. Are you tired of it and want something new? Is the black getting old?

I honestly don’t mind, it doesn’t bother me much. In a way I feel like it helps the lead(s) stand out a bit more. As a writer, I definitely lead more towards black clothing; it makes making outfits easier for me in a way.


I feel like darker clothing is often associated with a darker personality.

episode “bad boys” typically have ripped jeans, leather jackets, and a lot of trauma. but this is also seen in movies and tv. colorful characters usually wear colorful clothes, and vice versa yk? ppl use clothing to help readers better understand characters.

imo, there’s so many cute clothes of all styles and colors in the catalog🤍


As someone who dresses in dark clothing like “alt” style irl. Idk I really like dark clothing so it doesn’t bother me-

But I do like it when authors use like a more wider range of styles than just the “dark colours” if that makes sense-


i definitely don’t mind it, but i do enjoy seeing characters wear colors other than black
but if black is what suits the character most, then it only makes sense for them to wear it!


It makes sense and I agree, brighter colors should be used more when it is able to make sense!


Tbh I don’t usually realize if I put most of my characters in black clothing, but 70% of the stories I start writing and never finish are period pieces so dark and grimm clothing for the men is about all I can offer. The only break from this was when I wanted to make a story set in both England and France during the Napoleonic wars where I made the soldiers wear the Redcoat uniform and the Bluecoat uniform, but now I’m writing a story set in the 20s with mafia, gangs and richboys and most of the men wear dark tinted clothed, except, imagine this, the most violence prone character who wears beige

Black clothing on males is so hot!! (And I’m not only talking about episode :grin:). Especially black oversized t-shirts.

And this is how I feel about black clothing on females.

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I love it. I feel like no other colors looks good on me besides black.

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I personally love stories were the main character or The Love interest wears a lot of black