How do you feel about fixed characters?

I’m currently writing stories with a fixed character with fixed LI’s because the story is meant to be more like a reader being able to choose MC’s decisions and see how it unfolds the plot, but most stories I read mostly have the ability to edit the appearances of the characters, and I’m second guessing on whether I should implement customization or not. The story is meant to be read as a “book” but the player can influence the outcome through the character.

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Only you can answer that question. If you want to give the reader the ability to change the appearances, let them, if you don’t; then don’t.

You also need to ask yourself if you’re willing to lose the readers who only read stories with character customization or not, because there are a fair amount of people who will only read a story that has that in it. Some people do it because they want to feel more immersed, others do it because they don’t see enough POC MCs, some readers do it if they don’t like the way the characters already look.
If that doesn’t matter to you, then all the more reason to stick to your vision.

If you want to add more details like overlays and art scenes and things like that, it makes more sense to keep the characters how they are.

The decision is yours though, what do you feel is the right path for your story? Do you want readers to appreciate the characters the way you made them or do you want to give them the option to feel more immersed as themselves? Do you have the time, patience and know-how to implement branching according to different overlays? Do you like CC in stories that you read? Do you mind if CC-only readers don’t read your story? How important are your characters’ appearances to the story itself? Are you making full-body overlays for them? Can/will the story still be relatively the same if you allowed CC or is it too much of a sacrifice?


I completely agree with @/schittwriter as I do think, ultimately, it’s your story and your decision.

I would bear in mind the amount of people who might be turned off your story because of that though. This is why I often go for a sort of middle-ground of limited customisation where the reader can customise everything but key features (like maybe skin colour or their hair), but everything else as people changing my character’s facial features don’t matter so much to me.

But again, it’s up to you as there are still readers who will read a story that doesn’t have customisation (like myself) :smile:


Good afternoon @LilacSatin

So about fixed character into your story. There are list things below that would help you with fixed character but it up to you on your story. Because you are the author of your story not readers. As readers the one that reading and seeing on how your story goes. Because Author do take days, month, years on a story that take so much coding. Sometimes they needed to see our point of view on character appearance. Don’t put yourself into a situation, there is so much to take into your story and how character will not be looking like your appearance coding Because of the change throughout your coding. if your story soon be published ask yourself about if customize be fix for your story? @LilacSatin

Well, based on your question. Sometimes readers choose customize story over story that don’t have customize for readers to choose. Sometimes people ask into fanmail. Author do say no there isn’t any customize. But it best to add FAQ to make readers know. @LilacSatin

Link @LilacSatin

I would say coding customize will take a lot of time coding into story script. It is up to you on what you are writing about in your story genre. Don’t put yourself in a position where you can’t do coding because it can be pressure. Also, Behide the wall has over 2.1 million reads without customize and Dirty money has no customize, teen age doesn’t have customize. There is story on episode app that don’t has customize into their story for a reason. It’s taken a lot of time to go back and edit coding with a lot of stuff that added like overlay, art scene, limb hand and much more. Because there is so many coding, overlay and different stuff adding into the story and sometimes readers have to understand the author imagine on what they see in their story. But if you are doing coding of customize. it best to used lock choice after they used the first chapter in episode 1 to customize your character and then lock it after. So, throughout the story you can continue your story and don’t worry about the character customize. this option would be best way to avoid making character features change. if you added more art scene, overlay that don’t match the character into your coding, you can do customize lock, but you can send readers to first chapter at being and warning them about chapter 1 only last chance, they can customize and lock it after they finished or ask them if they needed to go back to their choice but it up to you. you can take out hair changing and stuff in customize that you don’t want the readers to change. while they do the customize. @LilacSatin

Because your story is involved with LL where readers will choose Mc decision and see on how the plot is telling a story. Don’t focused on other author story Because author who used customize do has a lot of free time. Sometimes author customize coding for a reason. because they know readers will ask about customize. Sometimes author don’t feels please about customize. There is reason behide. @LilacSatin

Also, if you prefer to customize character appearance and LL code will be a lot of add into your script. if you wanted to code that part in your script, you can code both scripts. @LilacSatin

So, your question would be: Will customize be fix for my story? Will there be limited choose that I prefer for readers? Will there be lock choice for customize character at the beginning of chapter 1? Would I prefer my decision on customizing my character appearance? Do I love my decision, I made with my own choice? Is there anything, I love to add into my story? Will there be art scene that involve into my story, and will it take up so much time?

These are concern question that should have been ask before your finally Decision. @LilacSatin

I read story without customize. Even if I read story with customize. I won’t change author feature of story. Because I love reading author character feature and see how the story goes. I love that you wanted your story as a book. Also, your idea sounds interesting. @LilacSatin

Some readers don’t mind without customize but some readers do mind. I don’t know what they see in their mind of their feature but well it up to you. @LilacSatin

Some authors do limit their customize where the readers can customize everything. But not Author Character appearance key feature like skin color and their hair. So, I agree with @WinterMoon05

Some Author do used this coding into their customize appearance into their character. Because some story on episode app has this coding into their script. If you don’t want long to customize you would use this short customize. @LilacSatin

You could have taken out features that you don’t prefer in customize with your character appearance. Also, you could have added a warning Narrator into character customize appearance letting the readers know, what they should not change and added a reason. @LilacSatin

If you are using limited customize appearance on your character with skin color and hair. You could use this coding throughout your story or just the beginning. long as you are happy @LilacSatin

I agree with @schittwriter @WinterMoon05

Hope this help with your question @LilacSatin


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okay thanks

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