How do you feel about Intros?

What does everyone think about intros?

  • Do you prefer to get straight to the story?

  • Do you prefer a small intro or long intro?
    What are your thoughts?

Any pet peeves when it comes to intros?


I prefer intro, but short. A splash saying name of story is fine.


Intros do look pretty cool in stories but anything more than 8 seconds is too long and boring to me


I don’t like ‘em. I’ve seen super long intros that made me quit a story. I want to get straight to the point

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Keep them simple if you are going to do one. I don’t know many people who enjoy a 3+ minute intro animated or not. lol

I think they are pretty neat and when done with good quality/timing, they can add to your story. My pet peeve with them (if it’s not obvious already) blurry/out of focus overlays in intros-- try to size them appropriately before uploading so that you don’t have to do large size adjustments.

So, make sure you’re using high quality overlays and aim for under 30sec or at longest 1min time frame. It’s long enough to show your skill without being so long that people are stabbing at the screen trying to make it go faster. :slight_smile:


I enjoy intros, especially darkitty’s intros! I think if they’re short, they’d be great. as someone mentioned above, a splash of the cover would be fun, and maybe you could include some different personalized note each time !

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Even with movies and sitcoms I hate long intros, if im not hooked within the first five minutes I’m out. So i definitely prefer a short intro. I always thought the character introduction is usually unnecessary. Everyone is going to see a character through their own lens anyways. Opening themes are also not necessary.

As for my story i have about a 5 second intro and i get right back into the plot


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