How do you feel about limelight being updated?

how do you guys feel about the epi creators not updating anything of INK anymore?


I’m not ONLY upset about ink not getting updated, but also classic. It’s not fair to the classic and ink creators


I thought ink continues to get updated too.

yes ikr


I wish they’d update INK more. It’s definitely my preferred style, even though I’m warming up to LL.

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my whole issue is i don’t see myself ever wanting to write in LL. and it makes me sad lol

no :frowning: the episode crators announces on ig that they won’t be updating ink anymore.

I love it but I hope they start updating ink more too. Ik ink has had some updates and I can understand why they are focusing on limelight since limelight needed the updates more.

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I don’t see a problem with it. I think people who prefer ink need to understand that limelight barley has anythink so it only makes sense that they are updating limelight. Ink can’t keep getting updates forever.


I’ve been around sense Classic, and when INK arrived everyone was saying the same things. (People said INK looked like fake emotions or walked funny.) Eventually the creators will run out of stuff to give INK users, like what happened to Classic.


I’m really fine with it. Limelight currently has by far the least variety of everything, so it makes sense that they’re updating it. Also, episode has said that the reason they’re not updating Ink anymore is because it’s an older technology that isn’t compatible with the direction they’re moving in. They need to move forward technologically in order to continue to improve their platform, and I get that.


INK still have some more updates to come, I believe. They just don’t create a new content. Although I asked when we can expect it, no one replied.

LL users are so lucky, they’ll have everything what we asked for INK. They have updates every week! (I one point we didn’t had one for months when INK was the main style)

I just wish they would release everything what’s left or at least tell us when we can expect it.