How Do You Feel About Short Stories?

How do you feel about short stories? I’m currently writing a mystery/thriller. I usually make short stories because I have a hard time adding more drama. Sometimes if I do find inspiration I will try and make a sequel. What is your opinion as a reader or a writer? Are there ant tips you would like to share?


As a writer I think that short stories are ‘easier’? If that’s the right word :thinking: You can go hard on the branching etc. because you only have to keep it up for a few chapters instead of 20+. It doesn’t get as complicated, I think.

As reader I don’t hate them but I usually like to ‘lose’ myself in a story and binge-read for a few days. There are many short stories I’ve read that were GREAT and I’d definitely read one again. But 99% of the time I stick to the usual 20+ chapter stories (if I even read, that is, I’m definitely more of a writer than a reader lol).

So I think my tip would be to really go hard on the branching, have several endings, every choice affecting the outcome etc. So that readers then can re-read and see the other outcomes. :slight_smile:


Thank you and I’ve already got 4 possible endings planned. I was thinking of making a longer story for my next one.


I like them!


I’m perfectly fine with short stories. The quality of the story matters to me, not the length :relaxed:


Short stories are my favorite! I don’t usually have much time to read (stay at home mom, virtual assistant, artist, youtuber etc…) so I love 3-4 episode stories that I can complete in one sitting :blush:


I love short stories, especially when they’re spooky/thrilling in nature! I often have trouble committing to longer stories, unless they’re really really good. Most of my favourite stories are on the shorter side anyway!

My preference is to write novellas — Which, for Episode, I consider to be about 10 episodes.

I would consider a short story on Episode to be 3-5 episodes.


Go for it! Im currently also writing a short 3 chapter story.


Short stories aren’t the worst to write or read they are usually quite nice.

Last year in october I released my first story which was a short story called: The Vampires Next Door season 1 (6 episodes)

Now this year I started to write The Vampires Next Door Season 2 which will only be 5 episodes (to be released on october 1st) I am excited to be releasing it soon again just like season 1.

So longggg story short I am saying I love short stories!


I honestly like short stories plus they’re ig simpler to make for the author


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