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I JUST WANTED TO SAY FIRST PLEASE DO NOT SAY HATE ON THIS PAGE I just want your thoughts and I’m telling you my thoughts I do not want anyone getting mad at me I’m just telling you how I want episode to be like in the past


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So I know that episode changed the guide lines and i just wanted to know how yall feel about the changes if you don’t know episode was originally 17+ and me when i was younger my sister she playing episode without being 17+ and this was back in like 2014 and she loved it and she started to write and u could write anything you wanted. This was during the time when episode was in 2015 and it had only classical stories which are my fav style of episode but current time now nobody writes in classical i don’t think. And obviously the latest update is limelight. Don’t get me wrong I do like ink and limelight. But I like classical better. Because my sister used to write on it was just amazing.

How I feel about Episode being 13+

I mean I don’t like because writers can’t write about violence and stuff because 13 can’t handle that and I personally don’t like it, and for the people who are under 17 and over 13 I understand your probably excited that you can now go on episode but just think about the people who wrote stories, and violence and now they have to be removed because of 13-17 years olds I’m not saying thats a bad thing I just don’t like it. Because its very hard to switch around your whole story, because like what if you have 150 chapters in one of your story and episode changed there guidlines and now you have to change everything you wrote in the stories. For example I was reading this storied called Pregnant by a Killer and it had abuse in it and violence and gang, and it was amazing I loved it. But it got taken down because so many people reported and it had to be removed because of the violence. Another story was The Bet, it was written in classical it had to get taken down because of how the story was written. And I just can’t help to think about how the authors feel.

Whats my favorite style?

My favorite style is classical because its just original and I love the originality of how episode grew from 2014 through 2020, There is a giant step. AND I just remember reading Hollywood an old episode story, if you remember that tell me and there are so many different old stories that I remember but nobody really reads them anymore because of limelight is the recent style. I love limelight but Classical beats it.

What if they went back?

If episode went back to there original 17+ I would be fine with that because a lot of the older authors would have there story back probably. But then if we went back 13-16 wouldn’t be able to read it, and I would feel bad for them but I would mostly feel bad for the people stories if we kept it at 13+.

What if episode had a throwback?

If they did I would feel so good because just bringing back the originally stories that used to be popular is just amazing because I just remember being on my ipad reading Hunted Hollywood and Campus life and it was just great, and if they just went back to classic it would be good. I would want them to have a throwback for like a few months.

How do you feel about episode being changed in the last 6 years? Do you feel annoyed sad happy let me know


I think that it’s okay for you to prefer Episode’s older ways. I joined Episode in late 2017, and I still get nostalgic over it!

I remember back when there weren’t so many gem choices in their stories, and they were still releasing featured stories in INK. I also remember when Limelight had such little assets…

But I think that Episode is still turning for the better. Sure, there’s the new guidelines, that have caused some restrictions to our story-telling, but we can still be creative with them around!
And Episode has been starting and still continues to let us give them our input on things. With making it easy to contact them, and implementing the Limelight Wish List, they really do want to help their viewers!

I’m excited to see how Episode will turn out in the following years to come. :slightly_smiling_face:




I just joined last year so I don’t know much but it is good as far for me :smiley:

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I joined episode in 2016, before LL came out.
I loved episode back then and I still love it now, sure things have changed, but there is always a good thing in every change and I’m exited to see how episode will improve in the future.

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