How do you find motivation to keep your story going?

Yoh! Hey guys, so like I always have ideas for stories, I’m a very creative person, but so much so that my ideas spiral and then right after I’m done with an idea I don’t care about it and I get an Idea for another one like? :sob: :sob:
It’s though out here, sometimes I wish someone could execute my ideas instead and I just yap and yapped and they get me or like keep me centred

I actually would also like to know if anyone would like a story idea, like I have tones just no motivation :rofl:, granted, right now I’m working on a story and I’m trying very hard to keep focus and not steer away from my notes (I make full fledged notes for every single one of my ideas, some even have endings)- but IT’S HARD.

Anyways I just wanted to vent- thanks for coming to my TED talk :joy:


I have about six stories in various stages of construction.

Some are just a scene or two, some have a script but aren’t directed, others just an outline. I work on whichever one I’m motivated to at the time, and flit back and forth like squirrel in autumn. Sometimes my adhd kicks in and I hyper focus and write pages of dialogue in an evening, sometimes I work four hours getting one scene right.
And I write a lot of science fiction so many times I have to create my own overlays, backgrounds and props from scratch.

How do I stay motivated? I remind myself this isn’t for publication it’s just for me and my own fun. Then I can do whatever I want to do.


Broo I had this issue too, I’ve had like 50 stories I half planned and started coding but just stopped after realising that I wanted to do smth different.

With my current story, I think something switched in me. I found something that I genuinely wanted to write about, a story I felt deserved to be told and heard. A story I wanted to be recognised for!

I think I dipped between so many ideas because I was trying to broaden my writing and cater to everyone, when in actualility I do best when I cater for myself and what I enjoy.

It takes a long time to find what you wholeheartedly want to write about and complete, but you’ll get there. I’m very interested to know about some of your story ideas though!


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