How do you get a character to hold a overlay

I just “made” a overlay and im trying to have my character hold it. I have no idea why its not working because im pretty sure im using the right code.
This is the overlay I “made”…

we don’t have the ability to “add” an overlay to a character like we do with props but we can place the overlay in front of the character to make it seem like the character is holding it with a certain animation.

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Ohh dang ok…

To add an overlay to a character is very simple, depending on the pose you want them to do you may need limb(s) overlays as well

But to add an overlay you would code it as
@overlay TEDDY BEAR create
@overlay TEDDY BEAR opacity 1 in T

T is the time you want the overlay to show up in, by putting 0 it automatically shows up and the higher the number the longer it takes to show up

Then you would have to shift and scale the overlay to the spot you want as well as move the overlay layer to fit perfectly to match your scene

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