How do you get a character to hold another character while walking/exit

Does anyone know how to get a character to hold another character while walking/exiting. I’m using Ink x

Like carrying them away?


@CHARACTER walks to spot (scale coordinates) in (time) AND CHARACTER does it while walk_rear AND CHAR 2 walks to spot (scale coordinates) in (time) AND CHAR2 does it while sleep_sitting.

Make sure they walk to the spot that’s off screen in the same time interval.
There is sleep sitting to make it look like they are carrying someone away, while they are asleep.
If you’d like the character to look awake, try this animation

Also make sure the character who is carrying is in a layer in front of the character who is getting carried!

@CHAR1 moves to layer 2
@CHAR2 moves to layer 0

(Char 2 is getting carried, CHAR1 is carrying)

Hey :raising_hand_woman:
I once had that scene:
I made the one holding the other person hold a gift (it’s an action i dunno what’s the specific word)
and the person being held is in laying awake or asleep
I fixed there spots so that the person laying down is on appropriate height (to look like it’s being held by the one holding the gift)
And to move them, i changed there spot at the same time while they’re doing the same actions
If you didn’t get what I said or need to ask more feel free to send me a message :two_hearts:

Thank you both sm x

Can someone help me with a scene I’m stuck with, this is what I have so far:
@cut to zone 1
@KYRA spot 0.795 249 242 AND KATIE spot 0.795 195 245
@ABBIE spot 0.570 77 239 AND ABBIE is idle_lay_groggy_neutral_loop

I now want Katie to pick Abbie up, and then Katie and Kyra walk along the beach and off screen having a dialogue. Can someone help with this please? I have tried (on my own, reading forum and watching vids) but I am not having any luck making it look tidy. I will of course credit anyone who can help with this :slight_smile:

I’ve managed to get them to walk/move together, but My character being carried is still hidden. I’ve tried the layer suggestion but it’s not working for me :confused: