How do you get a good resolution picture of your character?

When I want my character to be in a cover, I screenshot it and crop it. However, the quality is horrible! Does anyone know how to get a rather good quality one? :persevere:
I’m desperate for an answer.

If you have a solution, I love you so much! :heart:

Seriosuly though, any tips to make the resolution better?

Have you tried placing your character in a scene in your story (with the background and other things that you want to include in the screenshot) , spot direct them as big as you want them to be and then take a screenshot of them on your phone? This is usually what I do :thinking::blush:


Oh! Alright, I’ll try that. Thank you for the advice! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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No problem :heart: hope it helps :smile:

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Directing hero comes to the rescue :wink::tulip::revolving_hearts: