How do you get a speech bubble to move?

Does anyone know how to get speech bubbles to move while slowly panning up? Its just that my story for the Kiss and Tell contest starts zoomed in on the floor before it very slowly panns up to reveal a source of conflict to start the story off.

&pan to zone #
Text here
Text here

Could you show me in a screenshot of the writers portal please? I find it easier to understand that directly than just text spech on here, weird i know, but thats me for ya :joy:

Hope this helps,

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Great, thank you so much.

this doesnt acc move the speechbubble. it just moves teh camera

Thats moving the screen to another screen thats not moving the speechbubble.

If you mean by sizing the speechbubble then here’s an example I have!


Thats how you RESIZE a speechbubble,

If you’re trying to move your speechbubble by moving it to the right a little, up, down, or left this is another example

thats how another example on how to move it to any side you want!

If this is what you meant then I’ll teach you how to do it.

You can do it on the web previewer on your computer or just preview it on your phone
You will click the small directing helper box
Once you click on that you’ll see “Bubble Helper” near the bottom right corner
From there you can resize your speechbubble, move it, ETC.

If you meant moving your speechbubble with a character then I’m not really familiar with that but this is all the information I have!

Hope this helped

But in my opinion I think you should always start off your story with @speechbubble reset