How do you get inspiration to write?

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Anyways I Am having a hard time finding inspiration and motivation to write. It’s like I Wanna write But At the same time I don’t Have the inspiration and motivation to do so.
I’m Also considering starting another story Which might Help be find the motivation to write My current ones. But I have some ideas But I can’t bring myself to evolve Those ideas into a good story. I even tried going on some internet pages that suggested some ideas for your stories But even that didn’t help me. I’m trying to write a fantasy story because I feel like fantasy stories lets you be able to be as creative as possible.
So I’m wondering, how do you get inspiration and motivation to write?


Music & Sitcoms

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I chose one promising story line and stuck with it, building on to it and adding content. If you’re wanting to come up with a complex or just “writing worthy” story, always keep a small notebook on you so that if ideas suddenly come to you, write them down. Trust me, you’ll forget the ideas :joy: Also, listen to calm music that you can write to, something that will help you concentrate and will put you in the zone. Trust me, its a lot of work sticking to a story and writing it, but I know you can do it if you put your mind to it.

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I usually go out for a walk. For me it’s very helpful staying in the nature.

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I think I actually just came up with a pretty good story idea. I’ll still need the advice because knowing me I’ll lose inspiration fast

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Just breathing.
That pretty much does it.

Another reason why I never finish anything :joy:

I’m really full of ideas so I always start something and then start another idea and then cycle repeats

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I pull from my own experiences and I think about what would happen if I did something differently.

I do research on the topic I’m interested in. I listen to podcasts, read news articles, watch movies, read books…it helps me figure out not only how these stories are structured, but it gives me an idea of what sort of elements I should include.

But also, going for a walk or a drive helps me clear my mind. Sometimes I see something along the way that sparks inspiration.


Depends on the day and story. :memo:

I’ve used music playlists, sketching, anything I feel like really. And it might sound silly, but sometimes fan edits of movies and tv shows help give me ideas for potential scenes, relationship dynamics, even plot points.