How do YOU get motivation? 😔

Hey! (yes i am aware this is like my 4567890 post today :rofl: but this ones imporatnat! Not like that “I had to too” one was not important cuz it was but I rlly need help this time…

So how to u guys get motivation??
Honestly. I wanna give up sometimes. And I dont know what to do.
Sometimes i’ll just be thinking and a random thought will come inside my head (like one from my dark past) and it will just peroccpie me a and make me not wanna write…
so back to the title
please and ty :blob_hearts:


I think one of the biggest things is just thinking about how if I finish this, I’ll be able to say I published a work on the app.

There’s also people who express interest in your ideas and your characters, and that’s one of the best feelings when people are like I like what you did with this. Then they say they’ll read it and keep reading it once it’s out. Just having someone appreciate the work you put in helps a lot.

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Well everyone has different things that motivate them. Honestly, I don’t know what motivates me. Like I will just want to write and there will be times where I don’t want to. I think reading other people’s work on Episode and other platforms definitely drives my motivation. If you brainstorm and have ideas, you might rush to write. It depends on what you do and what motivates you.
If you don’t want to write, try to switch up the area you are writing in. I find that location even if it just going from the bed in your room to the bean bag on the floor always helps.
A reason to write. Oh! I have to get the next episode out for my waiting readers.
Hopefully that was helpful x

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@Phoenix_11037 and @epy.neha
tysm :blob_hearts:

idk why but@Phoenix_11037 just reading that makes me wanna write :rofl:

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Yep, no problem! Glad I could help :grin:

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bumpity :crown:

bumpity bump :crown:

Well not sure what really motivates me either :thinking:
I guess I usually focus on the end goal.
For example, I wouldn’t feel like working on commissions some days but I always think about the fact that I want the people paying me to be satisfied. I’m like the queen of procrastination.

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yas! same i have like 4 requests to finish and i dont even remember wut they were :sweat_smile:

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