How do you get the camera to follow your character through a spot direction?


Hey guys! :blush:
I’m new to episode and currently writing my first story and on the second episode of writing it so please excuse how dumb I may sound.
I have been looking on the here for help but all of the conversations are closed so I haven’t been able to ask additional questions and its really frustrating me.
What I wanted to do was get the camera to follow my character to exit the room in a spot direction but alot of people are saying do something like this :

@CHARACTER walks to spot % x y in zone # in T

I understand the spot % x y in zone # bit but I don’t understand what the T means in spot % x y in zone # in T.

It would really mean alot if someone could help me with both of these things :grin:
I really hope I made sense :confounded:


@follow CHARACTER to spot (numbers) in zone _ in T


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I think T means time :slight_smile:


Thank you :blush:


I hope I don’t sound stupid but does time mean seconds or a completely different thing?:confounded:


No you are not stupid, yeah I think so I never tried it but I saw people talked about it :slight_smile:


okay thank you I will have a go at it and tell you what happens :blush:


Thanks :slight_smile:


You can’t follow to the spot, unfortunately…


Damn… That would’ve made life so much easier for everyone :T Do you prehaps know a solution @Apes?


&pan to zone # in T
@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y in zone # in T


So how does other authors manage to do it then ?
Ive seen many people do it :thinking:


Use @Apes solution.


I will give it a go, thank you!:blush:


Example above :slight_smile:

You can use follow command if character is walking to default positions like:
@follow CHARACTER to screen right in zone 3


My character is supposed to be a 10 year old child and I tried doing @follow SKYLAR to screen right in zone 2 but it makes her look like a fully grown adult :thinking:


You have to use spot walking then



@pan to zone (number) in 2

@CHARACTER walks to spot (numbers) in zone (number) in (number of seconds eg: 2)

Apes has done it this way (her example is above)


Do you want me to make a script template for you?