How do you get the mask and the hood on a character?

I know it sounds dumb but whenever I try to use both one cancels the other out. But I see alot of stories where a character has both on.

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LL right?

Yeah. No matter what I’ve tried they just cancel each other out.

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You can try this @Reenababe

It’s the plum hood and plum mask. For some reason it won’t let me have both on the character at the same time. Yet others have managed to make it work.

Can you send me screen shot

Yeah they are appearing simultaneously
I suggest you to use one at a time or

You can use these two together

Other stories and writers have used the combo so it doesn’t make sense.

Maybe they show on phone, try it on your mobile

That was from my mobile. I’ve tried my mobile, tablet and laptop.

No I’m not talking about see in from writer portal I’m talking about episode app

It depends on the order I believe. So, try putting the hood on first and then the mask. Then put everything else on.

I used both of those together and it worked. So, try that. ^

Sorry, that was dumb. I responded at 3am. I’ll try that after I drop off my kid at dayhome.

I tried both ways originally cause I couldn’t understand why it didn’t work. I’ll try that again though.

I just tried reordering. That was a no go.

The cape is probably why. It works for me. Unless it’s because it’s a male, but I doubt that.

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Yeah if it work then don’t forget to share it with me later :joy:

Did you remember any story whose character wear both mask and headscarf

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Right it worked for female @Reenababee

I’m guessing its cause the person is a Male. Cause it’s not working without a cape either.