How do you get these outfits?

you dont they are hidden assets.


what do you mean?

I dont get what you mean by that?

it is exclusive to people who work for episode. so you cant get it



Thank you i get it

But it really sucks


yeah i does many people hate it

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I can tell why

hey how can you make your own outfits?

Just curious
cause heaps of people are making their own outfits
but i dont get how they make it and how they
put it on the person:no_mouth:

Ummm… No one can make their own outfits :neutral_face: I’m afraid it’s not possible.
Are you referring to the edits you see on Instagram? :thinking:
Because if so, these are drawn onto the image, and are only used to show the artist’s talent, or to create special art scenes and covers. And are in no way used inside the actual story as animated outfits.

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are you writhing on mobile?

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Where it says they have released everything they have released, some of the clothing in collegeish isn’t gem choiced or for a celebrity story, does that mean that clothing won’t be released?

there won’t be released anymore for ink. it may or may not come for limelight