How do you get this?

So I’ve been curious for the longest time.
When I do covers, I have to put characters doing poses on the banner, right? I get the pictures of the characters by going into Episode portal and viewing the animations under “Animations by Character.” I screenshot the picked character, like so:

And then I crop it down to this:

It always makes the character look really bad and such. But, I had someone request a cover and she gave me the screenshots of her characters with a black background. Sounds silly, but the black background made editing it 100000000x easier. How do I get a screenshot of my character with the black background? Like this:

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When you make an outfit/character, there’s the possibility to change the colour of the backround above the preview

I do mine by coding the animation in the script, previewing the story on the mobile app itself and screenshotting the character doing the animation :slightly_smiling_face:


No worries :grin:

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