How do you get to the start / beginning of a choice?

I’m not sure how to explain this so I’ll use an example (Not on the smartphone portal thing , I’m only showing it on the portal cos someone else is using the computer at my house atm) :

Sometimes in a story, the MC has to navigate a maze. You’ll have something like this:

Then depending on which option you pick, you’ll have this

which will take you to the beginning again.
Does anybody know how this works? Does anybody have a script template I can borrow? If you do, obviously I’ll credit you in a reader message in my story :slight_smile:

On the writer’s portal, you have to use a label, and then write “redo insertlabelname.” But I have no idea how it works on mobile creation, sorry. :confused:

It will be possible with the help of labels in the writer’s portal but I am not sure about the mobile creations though…

@aprilish can you explain that a bit more with the labels? Sorry I’m having trouble understanding

Not sure whether I’d do a good job at explaining it myself, so I’d suggest looking at this guide right here.

You can basically use labels anywhere, and jump to that section of story anytime you want. Unfortunately, it’s a part of complex choices and branching, which I don’t think is available for mobile creation.

More about labels here as well :slight_smile: