How do you get your characters to talk immediately after with no pause between bubbles?

There’s normally a small pause in between speech bubbles, how did I get it so characters talk immediately after one another?

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Hm there normally isn’t a pause? :thinking: Maybe it’s best if you show your coding?

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I think you mean how 2 characters continue talking without any pause?

I usually do:

@CHARACTER1 starts (any idle animation)

CHARACTER2 (any talking animation)
[your script]

@CHARACTER2 starts (idle animation)

CHARACTER1 (talking animation)
[Your script]

Hope this helps :blush:

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that would normally work but maybe try replacing @ with & (oh I thought the comment above was op so yeah the one above should work too)

&CHARACTER1 is idle
Blah Blah

&CHARACTER2 is idle


I think this works too. I am used to the one I mentioned :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for your reply! This is also the way I code but someone told me my characters seem to pause before the other starts talking!

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Oh. Mine usually doesnt. Did you try through your previewer?
Maybe your idle animation used might be playing for long?
Try the other method mentioned by @/MTB

I was making the same mistake aaaall the time some months ago :sweat_smile: