How do you go from being a user to the front cover of episode

I have a question, ‘Why me’ used to be a normal user story but now it’s on the cover how exactly do you get on the cover not that my story is even ready for publishing but I was curious for a long time

I’m not sure What you mean? Do you mean How you become featured? Because to be one featured you first have to get regonized and get a lot of attention until Maybe Episode decides to feature your story Which is really hard and most people don’t Get featured.

Do you mean how did the Why Me author get her story featured? If so, Episode bought her story from her.

Whoops I mean she went from a user to a the cover how

what do you mean with´cover?

I havent actually found story named “Why me” which would be featured by Episode…who is the author of the story you mean? I see the most popular by Sophie Alice but it is still a normal comunity story.