How do you guys decide what to name and organise outfits for stories?

I always struggle on deciding how to organise the outfits I make so I was wondering how others do it…

I wish episode could make a feature that allows us to organise the outfits we make on the portal into folders. As a neat freak it would be much appreciated lol.

Anyone else or is it just me?
(I’ve never actually posted on this forum before… did I do it right?)


I just name them according to the character and add the name of the outfit

so basically LEXY_firstday


Yep you did post correctly. I decide on what outfit name to give clothes by the color of the clothing or the style i’m going for. If it was a red outfit I would just title it “Marys red outfit.” If i wanted the outfit to be gothic i would just say “Marys goth outfit.”

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That sounds like a bomb idea :heart: I usually organize my outfits by episode and scene although I haven’t been writing at all it’s very helpful. Ex: LaniE1S1 but it’s probably not the best system :woman_shrugging:t4:


I fr just put anything :joy: outfit 1, 2, 3,…49


I use numbers too but with the character’s name first, eg. NIA_1, NIA_2, NIA_3

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I label it by the episode/chapter numbers.

Where # is the episode/chapter number.

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When in story can choose gender-


When just one gender-


That’s what I usually do but I end up getting confused as to which outfits which :joy:

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Same :woozy_face: I end up having to make a new one or see how the outfit looks like

I’m not at all organized I usually just put:

Character 1 or Casual 1 or Formal 1 Or something. :sweat_smile: