How do you guys do soft transitions with filters and outfit commands added in between transition commands😭

I’ve seen in many stories, often when I tried myself during a fade in and out transition to add filters and outfit commands, it always glitches. And when I try to add these commands after the fade in, it shows shitty weird and aaaaaaa please tell me how!!!??? :face_exhaling:

This is quite confusing, it’s hard to understand what you mean. Do you have any screenshots from other peoples stories… just to give us a better visual idea of what you’re trying to achieve?!

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Okay, consider this an example! We have to always add &'s command for a soft fade in transition! And for adding filter or changing outfits, we always do it with @'s. So these outfit and filter commands added in between the transition commands disturbing the soft fade in transition.

So what my question here is, how do the big authors do it so perfectly well? :joy: While here I am either getting a disturbed transition or the outfit change and filter change appearing out of nowhere after the fade in (since I’m bringing all the &'s commands together and fading in and then adding @'s commands after the fade in, I know, my bad :rofl:)

You mean when doing flashback scenes, you want it all to run smoothly?!

So for example: If you wanted a black and white filter during the flashback scene… you wouldn’t want it to appear, nor fade out during the “present day” scene?!

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Nooo Nooo nooo, I just wanna know how do they do like, the filter and the outfit change appearing smoothly during the fade in transition

Oh, well that’s simple.
Your code is all wrong, and way too complicated!

It’s easy and works every time for me when I use this type of code instead:

@INSERTCHARACTERHERE spot 1.000 123 123 in zone 2 at layer 2 (Enter your own spot directions, mine is just an example!)
@cut to zone 2 (Enter the zone you want, mine is an example!)
@zoom on 123 123 to 250% in 0 (Enter the zoom you need, mine is an example!)
&INSERTCHARACTERHERE faces right AND INSERTCHARACTERHERE is think_rubchin (Enter the animation you need, mine is an example!)
@transition fade in black in 1
@pause for 3.5 (Enter any amount of time that you need, once again… mine is just an example!)


But fade in transitions like &'s right?:joy: like between the fade out and fade in transition command, you should have all the &'s commands and nothing of @'s commands


No, they work fine for me with @.



The gif quality is bad, it just happens when you use a gif maker… but you can see how perfectly the transitions work!


yeahhh but I was talking about adding a filter in there🤔 and yeah your transition works well

If you’re talking about smooth transitions with filters, add the filter command before the transition command and use the & sign for the filter and make sure to add “in 0” at the end of the filter command

&set hsl blah blah in 0
@transition fade in

All commands need to before the transition command. And you can have @‘s before a transition command just as long as the commands have no beats. Changing commands, setting zones, zoom resets all don’t have any beats. So if someone’s script looks like the below example the transition will still be smooth

@CHAR changes into outfit
@cut to zone 2
@zoom reset
@transition fade in


Omggg thank you very much!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I got cut clear clarification now! So, you cannot add @ for animations, before the transition, right? Since the animations has beats.

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You can use @ for animations if you use starts instead of is

&CHAR is animation
is the same thing as
@CHAR starts animation


Ohhh alrighty then!! Thank you so muchh for being patient throughout my questioning :rofl: :heart:

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I’d have replied sooner, but it was already 5:30am when I last replied. :sleeping:

You forgot to mention that you wanted the filter adding… otherwise I’d have added it to the video [turned gif] example that I made.
But yeah… as someone else stated, you need to add the filter before the transition… otherwise it appears whilst the scene is already opened!