How do you guys feel about (1) single love interests?

I have a few stories collecting dust in my portal and most have 1 main (male) love interest because I find it easier to get invested (emotionally) on fewer characters. I do have a story that is more lgbtq+ inclusive I’m currently working on for the Another World Contest. I don’t know I somewhat feel pressured to write lgbt love interests which stresses me out a bit and keeps me from writing and focusing on the whole story due to fear of creating a lgbt love interest that falls flat. /-:


i don’t mind it at all. tbh those are probably my favorite :relaxed::joy:


Personally, I love it when it’s just one. I find two overrated.


i only like one love interest because me trying to pick one over the other is too hard. :sweat_smile:


I just feel it amazing. Don’t mind at all.

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Don’t get me wrong LGBT+ stories are great, not to mention very well coded. However if you find it easier to connect to a single character of your preferred gender, it’ll make the story 100% better and well thought out from the readers’ perspective! :100:


It really depends on the story line, I find that some plots call for just 1 LI, while others suit multiple, however, whatever you as a writer wishes to write is the most important thing

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Imo there’s nothing wrong with learning new writing tactics, but there’s also nothing wrong with sticking to your talents. By that, I mean, if it’s difficult for you to get invested in a LGBT+ love interest, you don’t have to add one, there are hundreds of LGBT+ stories for people to read. :+1: It might cost you a few reads, but writing a half-hearted love story won’t do you any favours either. Write what you wanna write, and the readers will notice your enthusiasm. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

On the subject of one LI, since I prefer stories focused on things other than romance, the less LIs the better. :joy:

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I would have one love intrest but at the beginning of the story I would want the author to let the reader choose which gender to be in love with or be attracted to. And throughout the story you only have one love interest based on that decision.

You can always make a “choose your sexuality” story and just replace pronouns/spot directing for the female love interest.

Go with whatever you want, it’s more important to have a story you are comfortable with :+1:

I prefer more than one because I like to have a choice and I like when the LIs don’t have the same personality. Different readers like different types of LI’s so you can cater to more people that way

I love having one, because it feels more like the MC and the L.I have a stronger connection with each other. :kissing_heart: Although multiple can be nice.

I really like having only 1 love interest, especially when it’s a genre like fantasy or mystery.
It gives the reader that ~romance~ they crave (I’m no exception tbh), but it also helps you focus more on the plot of the story instead of some silly love triangle.
I mean, I write all my stories with only one love interest, because they all have themes and plot twists that I like to focus on instead (And coding multiple LIs is hard ;-; )

(There are some stories that have multiple LIs that are stellar, just so you know I’m not bashing those guys :joy:)

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I only prefer to have more options, because it happens that I don’t like the single LI’s personality at all. But if you can make him/her likeable and interesting, I don’t think you’ll need another love interest. Many of my favourite stories have only one LI and I can see that the author put a lot of effort into building their character, and as a result of this the dynamic between the MC and the LI often works much better.

If you are happy with your story, I’m sure you’ll find readers who enjoy it, so don’t do anything that stresses you out :wink:

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I only ever write stories with one LI

It’s much easier to write with

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I love it when it’s just one. I feel like you really get to connect and focus on that one character. The MC also connects with that LI.

When it’s more than one…I prefer not to read it. I just feel like the MC is ‘playing’ both the LIs and when she’s gets mad at one, she immediately goes to the other…it just gets messy.

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I’m currently writing one with 2 LIs but I plan on making a story with just 1 afterwards