How do you guy's generally like episode stories to begin?

Hey guy’s! I’m currently working on a story myself and am really curious as to how you like the stories you read to start. Please let me know! Have a fantastic day/night wherever you may be :blush:

The story can start in any way possible. tho don’t make it confusing


I like a quick intro introducing the plot, I feel like it sets the tone and helps you understand what’s happening.

I’ve been reading episode stories for quite long and I think anything can be good, as long as you don’t expose all of the characters’s background. I mean, I’ve read stories where in the first chapter on a monday morning, the LI randomly think of why “he doesnt do relationship”. Then, as he looks over the city from his penthouse he remembers his mom’s death and his abusive father all in ONE SCENE.

I don’t mind “heavy” background at all, but I would say that the first episode shouldn’t be about whatever trauma the MC experienced. It can be mentionned, but I think it will have more meaning if this is through flashbacks and not endless narration bubbles. Let the readers discover your characters!

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