How Do You Guys Get Motivation When Writing A Story?



So when I write my story, I always feel like I could portray something better or just present my story in a better way in general. So that always makes me loose motivation when writing, what do you guys do for motivation?

How to get motivated to write?

It depends what its on, sometimes i do research and get my inspiration from there. Or just life in general


But when writing, you always feel like you could be doing something better and that just makes me lack my interest


Um i can try to help what is it about so far. U can always add ur own twist


Not about the story, I just feel like I’m not doing the best at all with writing so that’s why I was wondering what to do to make me have motivation!


Oh, i guess it depends on the person. I just look at inspirations, like what inspired my story in the first place


Oh okay! Thank you!


I hoped this helped, good luck!


girlll I totally get you, I’m revamping my story for the third time😂 As for inspiration, I honestly can’t write without listening to music, and I did since the beggining, when i used to write like all the time (it’s been a year already). So when I need motivation, I listen to the same playlist I listened when I first started writting stories idk it makes me remember the feeling I had when everthing was new😂
hope to help :slight_smile:


Thank you! Same, I’m revamping my 3 EPISODE story for like the fourth time! I know! Wtf! I always code while listening to music, I probably couldn’t code without it!


Well, writing is only a hobby for most of us (unless you get paid), so I would suggest you not to make a big deal of it. I only write when I’m in the mood and I know this is cliche but I’m really doing it for fun and therefore I don’t care if it’s far from perfect. I know that I’m not good at a directing for example, but I never feel discouraged just because I feel that a scene could have been directed better. I’m trying to improve of course, but I can accept that I’m probably not the next Evil Ebonni. My motivation is basically that I like my not so perfect stories and characters the way they are and I’m happy if someone is reading them anyway :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! I’m doing it for the fun also but always overthink! I’ll try not to be so hard on myself!


I’ll watch movies, music videos, read, listen to music etc and kind of day dream (more so during the last one).

I get what you mean because I am constantly reading other stories like wow, I could be sooo much better. But you are the writer you are and the director you are, and your vision is uniquely different than someone else’s!

So try to be inspired by others and look to your favorite works for that, but def put your own spin on it because that’s what makes it special.


Sometimes I find it really hard to get motivated to write, it’s not because I don’t have any great ideas I have plenty but a lot of the time I just don’t feel like writing. What do you guys do to get motivated to write?


Look at other amazing stories on episode they always motivate me


Listening to music has been helping me!