How do you guys in america call this game/challenge?

hey!! in the netherlands some people play a game called ‘dropping’ (no it’s not the english word for letting something fall) it’s basically where you take a few people to a place, they don’t know where it is and they have to get back to where they begon, it mostly gets played at night!

sooo do any of you know a game that goes like this? (or do you know the english word for it?)


Omg? Amy are you Dutch?! Because I am too!!! (Ja ik lieg hier niet over hoor, haha :wink: ) Ik snap wat je bedoeld haha, dat deden wij vroeger met kamp altijd! Geen idee wat het Engelse woord er voor is.

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:smiley: :smiley: ik vond droppingen altijd zo eng! :joy::joy:

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Omg ja ik ook! Vooral als de leraren in halloween costuums gingen. Hoe oud ben je als ik vragen mag? Het lijkt me super leuk om vriendinnen te worden :heart: :blush:

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ik ben nog echt jong :woman_facepalming: dat is t irritante aan net beginnen, iedereen is 15+

I live in Ireland and I’ve never heard of a game like this, but it sounds fun :smiley:

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yes it’s pretty fun butttt still… in the middle of the night, in a forest… not really my thing :joy::joy::joy:

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Hmm…as an American, I believe that people totally do this LOL, however, also pretty sure Americans don’t have a word for it. >.>


thank you!! :joy::joy:

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