How do you have someone run into a specific position?

How do you have someone run into a specific position?
I want my character to enter while running to a specific spot, but I don’t know how to do it?

Just put:

@CHARACTER runs to spot #

Then it will run to the spot u want it to run

  1. Place the character offscreen. (You can you use spot directing which can be accessed in the writer portal by clicking Directing Helper then Spot Helper in preview. (Or do @CHARACTER stands offscreen left (if enter from left) or @CHARACTER stands offscreen right (if enter from right)

  2. Then do @CHARACTER walks to spot x y z in S and CHARACTER does it while run_athletic
    (x y z are the spot coordinates. S is seconds)

Hope this helps!

Yes what she said

Thank you soo much!

Glad it helped :blush:

@CHARACTER enters from left/right to spot % x y and CHARACTER does it while run_athletic

Hello. I am writing here because this post is exactly what I am looking for. I try to move my characters towards each other but I do not understand what it is walks to spot x y z in s … how we know how to position our characters. like one of the characters that hold on the right and the other on the left. I want the one on the left to walk towards the one who is on the right to bring him closer to him. How am I doing? Thank you in advance for your answers

The basic places for characters to stand are “screen left,” “screen center,” and “screen right.” As for spot directing-- which is necessary to have the characters walk to or stand in any other places on the screen, you should read this tutorial.

I can help if you get stuck at all trying to figure out how to do it. Basically you just open the app, go to “Create,” open your in-progress story, get to the scene you want to edit, and click “Directing Helper,” then click “Spot Helper” and you can select any character and shrink or enlarge them as well and move them. The coordinates of their size and position will change as you change them, and when it looks right to you, then you can write down in your script whatever the app tells you the coordinates are for that spot.