How do you keep interest in your story?

I have a question. How do you guys keep interested in your story? Because now I have a new story in mind and I really want to start that story but I’m writing another story now. So if it’s always going to be like that then I’ll never publish a story.


I have this problem, but I dont want to publish multiple stories at once. Usually I sit down and plan new episodes when im feeling unmotivated to continue my story, it can help me to realise what im writing is interesting and im passionate about it. Taking a break can also help with this, sometimes we spend so much time thinking about and writing our story it becomes annoying and a break may help.


Okay, thank you so much!

Personally, I’d finish the story. I wouldn’t want to risk forgetting the plot, characters, scenes, choices, and dialogue by dropping that story and starting a new one. You could also listen to music that relates to the theme and atmosphere of the story you’re working on, that can motivate you to keep going. I have a lot of story ideas, but I can only do one at a time.

Maybe on your spare time, you can write an outline for your new story idea. So by the time you finish your other story, you can get to work on your new one without the hassle of formulating the plot, characters, theme, and setting. Good luck!


I’ve recently published my first story ‘I Will Always Remember You’.

Sometimes is difficult to keep interested the readers. Fortunately, I got many ideas. I usually end the episodes with a cliffhanger. For me the grammatical skills and the directing are very important. The use of many animated overlays and a unique intro & outro makes the story beautiful. Planning also the chapters is important. I personally don’t want to confuse my readers by adding much info in only one episode so I’m trying to present the plot slowly💕Lastly, if a story includes pretty art scenes, I will immediately read it! I know some people think art scenes aren’t very important if the plot is good but I’m interested in stories with art scenes.



Hey Juliee,

I don’t force myself to write. I published more than 3 stories and put the ones I am disappointed in on hold for revamp. If you start forcing yourself to write, there is no fun in writing anymore. So, start writing the new story and come back at your first story later. :wink: But you’re not alone in this. If you feel more comfortable with @willowkayyy 's advice nothing wrong with that. :wink: Taking breaks is good for me when I have a writers block. :innocent:
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Love A-W

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