How do you know if your story has been reported?

Hello guys!
So I had a reader send me a fan email saying my story needs to be reported… (Even though I have x2 episode admin go over my story to make sure it was within the guidelines)
How do you know If it has been reported? Does something happen to the story?

I dont really think so since all the stories I have reoprted still are on the app(they where fanfics. fanfics are against the rules)

and it dosent seem like episode does anything about it

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To my knowledge, you won’t know for sure if someone has reported your story.
Sometimes Episode will review your story of their own accord.
But the only way you’ll know either of these is if there’s something against the guidelines in your story and someone from Episode will email you and ask you to change it and give you a short window for you to do so.


Yep, thats about right. :point_up:

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Exactly what happened to me

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I haven’t had a email from episode yet, and before I published I made sure I was within the guidelines, to episode admin read it and told me to change it which I did, and they said it was acceptable. Which is what I replied to this person stating this.
I think this person is a troll :frowning: