How do you know if your story start is good?

I always feel like when I start my story it sounds rubbish :joy: how do you know if your story starter is good this is my current one

Dressing room
Kirsty (on the phone) Lewis where the hell are you? I’m due on set in 15 minutes, call me as soon as you get this message.
Kirsty (thinking) I swear that man would be late to his own funeral
Knock on door
Kirsty (call out) come in
unknown figure enters the room
Kirsty (annoyed) Oh it’s you!
Unknown: (angry) we need to talk
Kirsty (annoyed) about?
Unknown (threatening) You know what about
Kirsty (angry) I have nothing left to say to you, what you did was unforgivable!
Unknown: Don’t play innocent, you’re just as guilty as me, as soon as people find out the truth no one will look at you the same way
Kirsty (defensive) Do you think I care, I did what I did for us… I thought I was doing what was best that is until I found out the truth!
Unknown (pulls gun) I will not let you ruin me

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve read through it 100s of times, because I know what they are talking about or if it’s genuinely a bad start but how do you decide if your start is good or bad?


I want to see this on Episode so badly. What’s the story gonna be called?


Really? Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s called unfolded With A Scar
It’s current description is this
When a famous fashion designer is reported missing, it’s up to you and your partner to find the person responsible but what happens when a single scar reveals she is not who she claims to be.


Nice! Is it a mystery? (Bc it sounds like one)


That sounds amazing!! Could you tag me when you publish it?


Thank you guys that’s actually made me feel a bit better about it now xx it’s going to be a while before I publish it as it is only episode 1 but will definitely keep you updated :smiley:

Yeah it’s a crime mystery

This is actually a story I’ve had planned for the last year or so but never got round to actually making it a story


It really sounds amazing!


This sounds super good!

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This sounds interesting, do tell me when you publish it !

Thank you guys I feel a bit more reassured now :slight_smile:

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