How do you know your writing is bad?

Making a story takes time, which is why some people are very proud when they feel like writing stuff. (me 2) I was wondering how to tell if your story is bad, both the coding and the storyline/plot. When I reread things from my story, I think it’s great, but others may not agree.
Not to offend anyone, but sometimes I read a story and I feel like the writing is not good at all (sorry my opinion). I know everyone has a different writing style or is still learning because I also am. That’s why I wanted to ask this. Thanks if you’ve read this far.


a lot of this is pretty subjective, but in general, you should be able to tell through story reviews and just asking for feedback. sloppy directing, rushed plot, info dump, filler dialogue, and extremely poor grammar are usually a tell tale sign of subpar writing for me.


And if you’re writing the story out before coding the chapters? :sweat_smile:

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if you write the dialogue beforehand (which is what i do) i will usually send a friend or family the script and read it aloud to make sure it flows like a real conversation


For me, if the dialogue doesn’t look like something someone would actually say in the real world, I know what I wrote is poor.


This will always be the case — differing opinions.
No matter how good your story is to you, there will always be a number of readers who don’t think the same and no matter how badly written your story is to you, there will always be some readers who like it.

Either way, there are always going to be readers that like your story and those that do not.

The same applies to the directing aspect of it, you might see it as advanced, creative or smooth whilst another sees it as basic, common or choppy.
Generally though, as dishsoap said, I do think others’ reviews and feedback and can give you an average idea of how others perceive your story and/or coding. The decision is yours on whether or not you use that as a gauge, but it is a good thing to give other opinions some consideration, particularly if they know or have more experience than you do.