How Do You Label Your Outfits?

Just asking, how do you guys label all of your things in the episode portal? Like, how do you label outfits (police uniforms, firefighters, school uniforms) that will be on several characters?

when you make an outfit, you can create the name then use it in the story like this:

@CHARACTER changes into outfitname

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Just name the outfit something like “School Uniform Female” or “School Uniform Male”, and then add the desired clothing. After you’ve created the outfit type:

@CHARACTER changes into School Uniform Female

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Each of my stories has a different way of labeling outfits, but one thing I do in all of them now is not using spaces.
Eg. girlschooluniform or police_uniform

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I know how to use outfits. I was just asking for everyone else’s ways of organizing them.

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Sometimes I organize them by character. Such as “RYDER_formal.” For other outfits such as one’s for the MC, I’ll name them like “schooluniform” or “redskirtblacktop”


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I usually do it like this:

  1. If I have to characters, say Jessica and Claire. If I’ve to create random outfits which either of them can throw on while getting changed, I name the outfits as:

  2. If I have to specifically give them different outfits, say one of them hates skirts and one of them wears skirts usually. Then I will label them as:

  3. If there is a school uniform, then all of the characters can wear the same uniform and I can name it as:

  4. If it’s some special even, a prom or if my character is a police officer supposedly. Then I name the outfits as:

It helps keep them organized!