How Do you leave the home page what



I don’t understand I’m so confused can someone help me out. This app says it has 55000 stories but I only see about 8 on my page. And the only opinions on this app is home page and settings. I used to have this app and it used to have a lot more options so I’m kind of disappointed. It used to let you read fan stories and I keep trying to leave the home page but there’s no way to leave it. I don’t like the episode created stories because you need about 20 gems to do anything, I like the fan created stories because you can actually have options. You also can create stories but idk how. So can someone help me thanks


I think there is something wong because there is a lot more options restart your device?


I did I restarted my phone, deleted the app and redownloaded it, updated it, logged out and logged back in and nothing worked.