How do you let readers customize the character? PLS HELP

Hi, I’m new to this. I tried a few different codes but how do I let the reader customize the character? Hair, eyes etc. I already got the name covered though. The avatar’s name is YOU (then the reader can choose the name) But, I can’t get the customizing avatar part right. Thank you! Oh and, I’m using Episode Ink. I want to let them customize their avatar and also the love interest.

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The easiest way to add customization is to either add the quick customize on the side of the writers portal or use a customization template (normally better) from another author. I have some templates on my Google Drive (I’m replying on my phone so I don’t have the link but my profile does).

I’m not sure where your prolem may lie, but if you are doing multiple customizations of the same gender, you need to change the labels so that the code doesn’t get messed up.

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Thank you!! I appreciate it.

Thanks for responding @Purple_Ghost! Closing thread :v:t2: