How do you like character customization being introduced?

How do you like character customization being introduced in the story? just curious about everyone’s output

  • all at once
  • when you meet each character

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I like not to do it at all but if I have to do more then three at the same time I leave the story.

do you like the option to skip over it when that happens?

Character customization really depends on my laziness😂. If i’m really lazy I will skip and read on or if i’m not lazy I’ll take time to Customize them
(it would literally take me hours just to find the perfect look for the character😂).

But I also really don’t like when stories are only customization in chapter one then you have to actually read the story in chapter 2. I prefer if the customization happens as the character gets introduced( also not too much character Customization just the main characters).:two_hearts:

Sorry for the long reply :two_hearts::joy:

Haha that’s ok I’m studying statistics and I’m intrigued about people’s opinions

I really don’t like when the first chapter is just characters customization either. I don’t mind all at once but I want to read after that

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Yeah it kind of puts me off. But then I feel bad for not continuing to read, so I’ll read the next chapter and then if I like it I continue💕

I do character customization when you meet the character, but to make up for the amount of interruptions, I add customization hub at the beginning of each episodes.

I like my customisation all at once. Preferably not 10000000 characters :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2: I have a seriously short fuse for too many customisable characters. Like MC, two love interests, best friend, parents, best friends boyfriends cousin twice removed blah blah. Just no.

I prefer customisation to be dealt with and out of the way either at the beginning of the story, or at the end of the first episode. Those are the places that I would use them. At the beginning gets it over and done with, and if you want readers to view the character as they are for a little while first, then offering it at the end of episode one is a good middle ground.

I am likely to give up reading if every time there is a new character to customise, I have to stop in the story to go through a template, and then get back into it. It spoils the moment, and takes away from the reading and engaging in what’s happening.

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While it can be annoying, requiring customization when you meet characters requires the reader to read up until that point in the episode.

This is one of the reasons I use it.