How do you like The Only Boss For Me so far?


Hey if you read my story The Only Boss For Me how do you like it so far? And tysm for the support and love on this story! I’m fixing most grammar, and spelling mistakes.:heart::heart::smile::grin::smile::heart::heart::heart::grin::smile::heart:


The title seems relly interesting. What is the story about?


So your playing as a girl name Sophia, she’s a very famous model, and has a sad past, but her boss got fired and then that’s when Aiden (Sophia’s love interest) comes along and he soon becomes the hotness of the work place and he has a lot of people at his feet, but Sophia, but the thing that most people don’t actually about him is that he has a son which Sophia finds out, but things get complicated when his insane, crazy, bitchy ex-wife comes back all of a sudden and to only do horrible things to people that Aiden cares about. So sometimes he trys to keep his distance from Sophia while he has too protect his son. The woman is very dangerous! Sophia and Aiden already have a affair going on, but one thing that Sophia doesn’t know yet is how bad things really get when she falls in love with Aiden and how much danger she can put on Brandon and Aiden in.
Ik it’s a bad idea of how to put it, but it’ll change throughout the storyline and some choices you decide to make. Its limited cc for Brandon, Aiden and Sophia cause they are some art scenes in later chapters! :grin::heart::smile::heart::grin:
Also they maybe spelling mistakes, I’ll fix them soon, I’ll probably revamp it soon, idk when.
But if you give the story a try, TYSM! TYSM! Also give me feedback too!:grin::heart::heart::smile::grin::heart:


Can You Give Me A Title Name??




I’m So Urgent Please Hurry? Can I Get A List If U Mind?


What genre is your story? What do you want your story to be about?:grin::heart::grin::heart::grin:


So this girl named grace just moved to hollywood with her family and twin sister, so her parents want her to be a docter but she wants to be a directer that directs acts and movies and her sister axcepts it and she meets a new guy named Justin they fall in love and then her enmy tells her mom that she doesnt want to be a docter and things get serious


I will go read it first thing in the morning.


I think it could be a drama and romance if you haven’t came up with a genre!:grin:
Does the enemy fall for Grace? Cause if so I think I might have a name, but idk if anybody used it though…
Idk if anybody thought of The Director or The Movie Star or My Enemy I just quickly thought of those idk if you like them or not, but those are some ideas I came up with! :grin::grin::heart::heart: tell me if you want me to come up with other ones! Sorry I’m just not really that good with story titles… I just like too help people!:grin::heart::grin::heart::smile:


TYSM!!!:grin::heart::heart::grin::heart: Hope you can give feedback soon!:grin::grin::heart::heart:


Also I’m just wondering if you read The Boss yet! If you did could you send feedback of what you thought of it?:grin::heart::grin::smile::heart:


what’s your name on episode?


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@Sydney_H Thank you. :grin::smile::heart:


I hope you guys enjoyed The Only Boss For Me so far!:heart::heart::heart::grin: