How do you listen to the music?


Hey folks.
So like 3-4 years ago I was listening to the music by illegally downloading it. Shame on me. Yep. Anyway, now I use Spotify, which allows me to contribute money, but not that kind of amount that would affect me, and provides great access to a lot of different music, while being very comfortable to use either on PC or mobile.

What do you use for this?
How comfortable is it for using?
Maybe music is not that important to you, to bother with it at all?


Youtube + downloading it like a gangsta

Its 2018 - everything has a weak spot :wink:


tbh I just use spotify on my computer bc it’s basically premium with ads :confused:


Apple Music! I used to have Spotify premium, but after I went back to the free version I noticed that they had new updates and everything seemed more complicated, and less welcoming for free users… Before I switched though I did research and Apple Music also pays the artists more than Spotify, and I love supporting my favorites! If I remember right they are both the same price…? It’s too bad that Apple Music doesn’t have a free version, but they give you 3 months free and that made me realize which one I like more lol… I promise I’m not getting paid to say this :joy: Probably more information than you actually wanted sorry :sweat_smile:


Nuh, it’s fine :smiley: I’m a big music fan, so this is the information I’m interested in. Good to know about different platforms, especially as I never used Apple Music.


Heh that makes me feel better then :sweat_smile: I hadn’t decided to try it out until I saw my favorite band (5sos) had a little film on there, but I recommend (no pressure if you don’t want it lol) :joy:


I donnow if it is important when listening to Apple Music, but I don’t have any Apple product. Android phone and MS computer system.


I’m pretty sure they have an app on the play store~ :blush:


Well I think I may try it if I ever get an Apple thing (doubt tho). Hard to switch apps after you used them for so long, Plus I have already over 20 playlists with a couple of thousands of songs :sweat_smile:


Can’t blame you lol, it’s time consuming to move your playlists over, plus if you’re used to android you might have a hard time with apple


Spotify when I’m out and about, youtube at home :relaxed:

I’d be lost without my music!!


Totally! :slight_smile:

I even made everyone listening to my music at the office lol :smiley: Only I have that power!! :smiling_imp:


Haha nice!! I have spotify playing when I’m at work too!!

I have my own little space so I can pick and choose whatever I like…doesn’t help though if I’m blasting slipknot and a customer walks in… :joy:


Oh, cool, rock and metal fan :slight_smile: virtual high-five :rofl:


Yup… :metal:

Virtual High 5 back :joy:


I used to download my music from YouTube on my laptop, convert them to mp3, organize them into an ITunes folder and then convert them to my old iPod Touch. It was hella time consuming (I did this a long time ago though lmao). But now when I look back at it I feel guilty and I use Spotify Premium, I gotta show my support to my favorite artists/bands in a fair/legal way


That whole process does sound really time consuming :rofl:


It took a lot of space aswell smh


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