How do you lock a certain feature in CC?

Short Lesson on labels and gotos:

If you’re blocking something you’ll need to use a label and a goto. A goto leads to a label it shares the same name with. For example goto dress will lead to label dress. goto cinder will not lead to label food but goto cinder will lead to label cinder. Think of it like a checkpoint. Example: Your character is on a journey and they pick to kill the dragon with a rock instead of a sword. Suddenly, they die in their battle. You could have the reader re-start the scene simply by putting a goto and a label in your script. So when they die, a goto (ex. goto restart would go to label restart which would be where you’d start the scene again and this time, hopefully, choose sword.) This is an example of a label and goto in action. You can read more here: HOW TO: Labels and Gotos 🖤

Just remember labels can’t go inside of if/elif/else and choices but gotos can.

So you can name your goto anything (with some exceptions such as no spaces) and you can name your label anything. BUT you cannot have duplicate labels (labels with the same name). This makes sense. Since a goto leads (goes to) a label, if you had two labels in your episode, the goto would be confused, like which label should I go to?

Just imagine: Hi, my name is goto dressing and I’m totes confused! should I go to label dressing which is on line 116 or should I go to label dressing on line 420. Help me! Which one do I got to?



Pick a feature.


You cannot continue, the eye section is locked.



goto face


…and so forth.

In this case, the reader won’t be able to choose any eye shapes because goto CUSTOMIZE is leading them back to the label that shares the same name: label CUSTOMIZE. Thus, they are unable to continue past this specific choice since it is locked.

P.S If you need more help, feel free to PM me :blob_sun: