How do you lock choices?


Please help. I don’t know how to do it.


Here’s how to code. Locked choice only has a lock, it’s not actually locking the choice, you need to write inside that the option is locked

   <LOCKED> "Yes"{
   This choice is locked.





…I honestly was not expecting it to be that simple. Thank you very much! :relieved::sweat_smile::smile:


what is a locked choice?


A locked choice has a padlock to it, and it looks like something like this:

See the last choice there?

You can use it when you don’t want the reader to select that option-it is locked for them. However, even if a locked choice is in your story, the reader can still get past through it unless you write up a code to prevent them from going further.


label customize_hair01

Pick yourself a hair color.

< LOCKED>“Pink” {

Unfortunately, you can’t select for your hair to be pink until much later in the story.

goto customize_hair01


Bla, bla, bla, the scene where you change you hair to black goes here.


#continue writing the script

So…as you can see this is just a simple example of a locked choice but it would go something like this and it can be used in other ways, too, like remembering a past choice and seeing if the reader unlocked a scene or not in the future : )

I hope this helped xoxo :sunglasses::revolving_hearts: