How do you login to an account without losing progress?

So, I want to login to my episode interactive account in my episode app. But, whenever I try to, it always says something about logging in to another account which means I may lose my progress. Is there any other way to login to my episode interactive account with logging in to another account? Or is the only way to login without losing progress is saving my username and password?

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Do you have a tablet? Or ipod touch that not on the list of devices that won’t work? I find it easier to just log your other account into one of those instead of changing accounts. Or is this your only account?

i logged into a brand new account from my old account & i lost my story progress from what i was making, but not ones i read.

@Episode.Kay I would try this as well. Just to see id it helps you out. Otherwise make a support ticket.

Okay, I would uninstall the app and retry it again. If that doesn’t work then I would submit a support ticket. I had something similar happen to me. I had to uninstall then reinstall the app then log in with my facebook account just to make it work again. You might have to log in multiple times just for it to switch over. I had like 3 times if I remember correctly. Do you also have that one other login written down? I would put that in as well.