How do you lose a gain?

So let’s say one of the dating interests points are over 700, and at the end of the chapter I put

if (CHARACTER > 700)

But let’s say that they break up in the story. How do I take DATING_X away?
I could add DATING_Y and later DATING_Z but if they’re not still dating the first character, the DATING_X gain becomes pretty useless.

How can I do this? I haven’t found any way to take away a gain.

If you add a gain it’s for you to choose how to use it. If you don’t ever want to use the gain you don’t have to.

Unfortunately there is no way to lose gains. Once you use a gain, it’s there forever.

Yes, but if I were to put


for those who did choose to date that character,

but the person wasn’t dating them anymore, it would be kinda difficult to go around that.

Ah! I see you’re dilemma… well maybe if you can add a fail safe and along with a gain add and elif broken up option
Or maybe you can have them get back together somehow if they had broken up

This feature request asking for the ability to lose gains may be of interest :slight_smile:


Are you giving your readers a choice to choose who to date? Then later give them a choice to choose between breaking up with them or continue to date them?

If you already work with points, why not use the points system for what you want to do?

if (CHARACTER > 700){
have the character act however they’d act if they are together.
elif (CHARACTER < 700){
have the character act however they’d act if they split up

Or you even reset the points if they break up:

if (breakup){

Or even simpler:
choice (breakup)
gain breakup
“Stay together.”{
gain staytogether

From there on you can simply reference these new gains instead of the old one.

Or did I misunderstand what you wanted to do?


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