How do you make a character get out of bed?


Hey there! So, I’m currently in the process of coding my story and I want the character to get out of bed using the stand_up animation, but when I do that it just makes the character stand on the bed and when I do “Character moves to {such a place} AND character does it while stand_up” it doesn’t look right. Does anyone have one they’ve used in their story that I can use? I’d be grateful!


you have to use spot directing look at this peice of my story then i’ll put the template to get out of bed :this is my story look past the first couple lines


Just spot position them once they have stood up, so you know where you want them to go, then code it in. For example:
@CHARACTER spot 0.750 160 50 AND CHARACTER is stand_up AND CHARACTER faces right

You can change the numbers and the way they face to fit your story :slightly_smiling_face:


I have used spot directing to move them to a certain place but it doesn’t work as it doesn’t look right, but thanks anyway!


Ok, I’ll try it. Thanks!