How do you make a character get out of bed?

Hey there! So, I’m currently in the process of coding my story and I want the character to get out of bed using the stand_up animation, but when I do that it just makes the character stand on the bed and when I do “Character moves to {such a place} AND character does it while stand_up” it doesn’t look right. Does anyone have one they’ve used in their story that I can use? I’d be grateful!

you have to use spot directing look at this peice of my story then i’ll put the template to get out of bed :this is my story look past the first couple lines

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Just spot position them once they have stood up, so you know where you want them to go, then code it in. For example:
@CHARACTER spot 0.750 160 50 AND CHARACTER is stand_up AND CHARACTER faces right

You can change the numbers and the way they face to fit your story :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have used spot directing to move them to a certain place but it doesn’t work as it doesn’t look right, but thanks anyway!

Ok, I’ll try it. Thanks!

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