How do you make a character smile after doing an animation?


ive seen loads of stories with characters smiling after doing deepbreath or after run fall and they look kinda like this face : 39%20PM

and ive wanted to know how to do it? if anyone knows please please reply?


I think this might be when you code an outfit change after an animation, and it changes the face somewhat? I could be wrong. But if you change a characters outfit (it can be to the same outfit they are already wearing), it makes the expression a little different for some of the animations :slight_smile:


Yes it does work! thank you so much, could you name the animations it works for?? i know it works for

  • deepbreath
  • run_fall
    but they’re the only ones i know about, unless there is more?


There are more, I know that for sure. I don’t write in INK so I can’t recommend any.

Though there is a thread somewhere on the forums about it, that’s how I know about it. I’m sure with some digging it can be found :slightly_smiling_face:


ok thanks for the help :slight_smile: it helped me alot :smiley:

if you find out what to search to find it, please tell me… ill look for now but if i can’t and you come across any, id appreciate it :smiley: