How do you make a cover for a story?

Can someone design a cover for my story for me, or does anyone have any tips for me creating a cover myself?

I can make it!

I’m super bored so yeah… I would love to…

Thanks, what all info do i need to give you to make it?

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just pm me.

Episode Diamonds could make it! Here are some examples:



Hope we ca help you! (also Ibis paint x is a great free editing app)


I do mine in Photoshop. But I have heard Pixlr and Ibis Paint X are both great.

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Lol, I can’t use Photoshop! I have it, but my lil brain can’t handle it, haha!

Sorry guys… I’m already making it…

okay! I wasn’t clear on that!

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oh np. It was a pm so there’s no way you could’ve known.

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ohhh, lol. Makes sense!

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does this artist have an instagram account?

Yes! She does! Haha, follow her: Episode.ushi!

(Its so cool! Just received a like from the Official Episode Instagram account!)

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thank you and i will! :smiley:

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Mine was more of a tip, not an offer. I do not make covers for others so I’m glad you’re making one :).

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Can you help me??

Who? and with what?

making a cover

and art scenes