How do you make a custom overlays?


I wanted to know how do you make a custom overlay & also what program you would use for this? I’ve searched & searched for this but there’s nothing on here that’s helping out with this. I’ve already read the whole thing about how to use overlays & saw nothing in there. I would greatly appreciate any answers on this. Thanks


I usually use PicsArt when making overlays! But if you ever need overlays Episode-Gokd would love to help you too!

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The apps I used for this are: Sketchable (for Windows only/some free features), procreate (for IOS/9.99), picmonkey (you just use it in any internet browser/ I don’t think this feature is free anymore), and ibis paint x (both IOS and Android/free). If you’re looking for something to do in a computer, it may limit your search though. If anything, you could also try downloading ibis paint x on your phone. I hope this helps!


You can try sketchbook


I use Photopea. It’s a free online program. I would try and stay away from mobile apps if you can because the quality usually turns out poorly. However some apps like picsart is great if you are just starting out and learning which tools to use.


Thank you & if I need any help I’ll reach out to you for sure :grinning:


Thank you so much & I actually use windows so that helps out a lot & the fact you gave a lot of different ones helps out so much.:smile:


Thank you :grinning:


Thank you & yeah I wanted to stay away from using phone apps if I could because I didn’t want anything to turn out poorly. So that’s good to know thank you for the help. :grinning:


I use Photoshop Mix on my phone and I don’t have an issue with the quality being poor. It’s really easy to use for overlays and it’s free :blush:


really?! I’ll look into it because all the other programs right now aren’t wanting to budge & I was wanting to get ahead on everything bc I know it takes forever to get stuff approved at times


I’m glad you found it helpful! :blush:


It’s a pretty good app. I always use it for my overlays. At times some high resolution images would end up opeing a little lower in the app but for the most part it’s pretty good. Pc version is always better ofc but $$$ :joy::cry:


Okay I’m totally going to need your help on a few overlays if possible please. Thank you