How do you make a overlay follow the action of a character's hand so it can be used like a prop?

I’ve had this problem pop up ever since I realized you can’t upload your own props. Any help will be appreciated!

have you taken a look at Dara’s overlay guide

Uhhh, not yet. I’ll try and find it.

I just checked, it didn’t really answer my question. That, itself, is a handy guide to have. I’ll definitely use it in the future! Thanks

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An overlay can not be used as a prop so if you wish for an overlay to follow the actions of hand, you will have to monitor how long it takes for each actions and code the overlay that way, basically you will have to position the overlay by way of spot directing.

Oof, I didn’t think I’d have to do that. Episode should let us add our own props. Well thanks!

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