How do you make a overlay under 1mb?

Title explains everything

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didn’t work

how large is the current file? when you used the site, what size did it become?

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It was this one i used

Png Compressor

i did that too, didn’t work

Did you go on the site and compress it? That always works for me :yay: What’s the current size? (check on computer)


and yes

What new size did it compress to?

It should have went under 1 mb :thinking:


I’ll try again

I use

didn’t work

If TinyPNG doesn’t compress it enough, there’s also:
JPG/JPEG/PNG/GIF/WebP compression to the smallest file size possible | Compress-Or-Die (
Where you can make adjustments by changing values such as colors, pixels etc to compress it even further and it will tell you what size it is (still looks the same as your original pic, so don’t worry about it changing too much).
Load times for it can be quite slow though. :upside_down_face:

didn’t work

Can you show screenshots of how you’re doing it? you said original size is 1.9 mb , that can very easily be compressed to under 1 mb using all sites linked on this thread :two_hearts: Or you can email it to someone, they can compress it and email it back to you :gift_heart:

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I can’t screenshot

still isn’t working

Would you like me to compress it for you? Or would you rather learn how to do it yourself?

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